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At African Verification Solutions (AVS) we provide a Fair Integrity Risk Assessment for all your Human Resource needs.

AVS uses Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) - a security-level technology designed for truth verification and the detection of deceit.

Layered Voice Analysis is a proven technology that detects and measures the emotional content of human speech, captured remotely OVER THE PHONE.

By utilizing a wide range spectrum analysis to detect minute, involuntary changes in the speech waveform, LVA can detect anomalies in brain activity and classify them in terms of stress, excitement, deception, and varying emotional states.

LVA-i is designed to validate the integrity and the values of your candidates while maximizing the cost effectiveness and timeliness of the recruitment process.



Wayne holds a Bcom (Management) and has a wealth of experience in human resources and management fields. He has worked extensively in the managing and operating of large scale resorts, prestigious estates, healthcare facilities and a leading dementia care facility in an executive capacity. Wayne is passionate about the care for and doing whatever possible to assist in providing the best quality of human resources for business and private individuals alike.


Dave Surridge

Dave holds a NDip (Policing) and has a wealth of experience in the policing and security fields. He has served in various specialist units of the SAPS, owned and managed a security company and is a qualified LVA (Layered Voice Analysis) operator.

Protect your Home, business & the integrity of your employees

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AVS services numerous clients throughout Africa from our call centre in South Africa.

AVS can help you as a private homeowner and/or company accurately identify a candidate’s level of risk regarding unlawful acts such as theft, drug use, criminal involvement, abuse, bribery, or general lack of integrity.

AVS provides services to private individuals, corporate and government sectors. Although services can be tailor-made to suit any industry, our current focus is on the Rental, Security, Trucking/Transport, Healthcare, Childcare, Estate/Residential and Recruitment / HR Specialist fields and industry.

Our goal is to provide you with the information to make a calculated decision, The cost of dismissing an employee is far greater than the cost of employing the right person.

Pre-employment/ Integrity Maintenance

We have formulated scripts for Domestic / Housekeeping Workers, Home Carers / Nursing Staff, Farm Workers, Maintenance / Gardeners, Cashiers, Warehouse staff, Drivers, Managers/Supervisors and various other job positions.


We have further formulated scripts specifically for the vetting and screening of a company’s client base such as rental, credit, fraud, corruption, satisfaction survey, criminal involvement and various other risk assessments.

Our Approach to Testting

  1. No intimidation, no preparation - simply refer the candidates to a quiet room
  2. Our call centre agent will make contact with them via phone immediately
  3. The phone interview will take approximately 15 minutes
  4. Automated Assessment
  5. Results are immediate and easy to understand
  6. Language customizable - tests can be generated in a variety of languages.



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